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1) A person, hired and paid for, who no matter how high their level of education and/or experience, will always manage to make matters worse, rather than better. Messing up your neat stack of TPS reports; tripping and spoiling hot coffee on the exec that was about to inform you of your promotion; rear-ending your Porsche with a Honda Civic on a weekly basis.

2) Another definition of course is: complete absence of tolerance for anything whatsoever. This affliction only lasts to your demise, which should by all rights be imminent.
1) I think Flabbergasted Hasntgotaclue should be our antisistant of the month. All in favor, throw your obesitoy at him *now*.

2) Man she's so antisistant she cannot even put on a Snorgtee without sneezing!
by Smoking Windmills July 23, 2010
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