Someone who has no wheels and no skills in talking to the ladies. The ladies find them annoying, weird or unnatractive. He's usually someone who follows you and your group of friends and always trys to impress the ladies when you are talking to them by saying stupid things to try and be funny
Yo were going to the mall today to see those girls from the party but don't tell Jeremiah he's fucking anti poon
by Mad Wheels December 08, 2009
Looking and/or acting like a goomba. Having a ridiculous small head on a disproportionately large body.
Hey Josh lets crush some box. O wait we have to babysit that idiot goomba toepp. He is the anti-poon
by Adam Stoltz May 15, 2008
one who gets no pussy at all. due to the fact they are a ginger kid or just plain ugly.
Kyle is such a antipoon.
by kristian C October 14, 2008
The unfortunate people who "God" hates so much that potential mates (ie. attractive women) are actually driven away by the utter ugliness and social retardation of such people
Guy 1: Hey man, how did John go with Tracy last night? Did he get any action?
Guy 2: Nah man, that retard is so ugly he is virtually the anti-poon
John: :'(
by pidgeon_peter February 22, 2009
Just like Cock-blocking or it can be used to discribe an ugly guy.
1. Kent is the Antipoon, he constantly got in the way of me making out with Sara.
2. Curt is so nasty, drunk chicks won't fuck him, he is the Antipoon!
by Stephanie Schuh April 28, 2008
a person or persons who scares chicks no matter what.
man jay is such a "anti-poon", i really could of nailed that girl but jay scared her off by just being there.
by buddah16 July 31, 2009
a friend or loved one that repels sex for anyone they come in contact with. Female version of cock block
You get laid last night?
Fuck no I went to the bar with anti-poon
by CRV December 30, 2007
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