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A person who sits on unemployment benifits and does nothing with their lives. These people are wasting valuble resources and dont care for the belongings of others. They usually have no repect for the law and other people. They think the world only revolves around them

They contribute nothing to help society, they only disrupt it. These people are antipeople for the fact they are enemys of the people

Other terms are "antiperson" for a single person
"This group of antipeople flipped over trash cans and pushed over old ladys. They should be shot and bodies used for bio-fuel for the benifit of society"

"This antiperson wont let someone have thier say, they quickly grow voilent and yell abuse threatening to kill the innocent person"

"In the eyes of the newly formed Atlantian Government, these people are a waste that do nothing to contribute to the benifit of society. Hereby Atlantis will either deport the antiperson or if not avialable. Recycle them for fertiliser"
by RealWorldAus November 14, 2009
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