Non hip-hop for white kids and white washed minorities.
Shame on you for calling Anticon real hip hop.
by Azzzmuth July 24, 2005
CRAP-hop for buddha smoking backpacking white kids, college geeks, punks listening to "hip hop", dumb ass kids thinking they gettin into "real" hip hop, for the fake underground heads (blackmoon, smif n wessun, jeru, OC, showbiz & AG, main source, etc was the REAL underground, dummies...), suckas who think they be advancing hip hop with their nerd shit, just played out backpacking suckkas who think they got hip hop figured out. Just cuz them producing homies use a SP1200 and gritty samples don't make them real hip hop.
You can usually spot an Anticon "head" by spotting some skinny white art student lookin fag with black plastic glasses, some stupid beanie with a brim, a tight shirt, and some wack tighter jeans sagging, a gortex/REI/northface jacket, and some trendy hipster low top Nikes, tlaking about how Sole and Sage Francis are the best emcees. Suckkaz
by Catchin Da WrecK December 09, 2004
Half of the spectrum of the decline of hip hop. Ones who helped evolve hip hop into the mess of Underground vs. "mainstream" They took on the label Undeground, becuase their records couldn't sell; First in foremost, because it isnt hip hop, it sounds like a bunch of shit, the crew is made out of a bunch of backpacking college white boys from Rhode Island. Anticon claims to be advancing hiphop, they have only declined hip hop into a pit.
"Damn bootsy ass white boy backpackers needa take their anticon shit outta rap" "Wanna hear a baby that was dumped in radioactive waste, speak? :: Ye, Sure :: Listen to Dose One. :: "
by hamydeez July 25, 2004

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