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1) Kids/Teens who do not label, nor do they believe in labeling themselves or others

2) Kids/Teens who do not enjoy being labeled and do not fit into a label, so they are against labeling.
1)Girl: OMG that girl is sooo emo! -points to girl with blonde hair and bangs over her eyes-
Other Girl: What has this world come to? since when is that 'emo'? Labeling is pointless. I'm anti labeling.

2)Boy: OMG lolol that girl is sooo emo! OMG she totally cuts hereself!
Other girl: Yah she's totally emo! She's got black hair and converse and a band shirt, so shes gotta cut! EMO!
Girl: Shut up already! I'm NOT emo! I don't cut either! Labeling is dumb, so stop!
by Nightmarishsoul March 04, 2007
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