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Anthony green former lead singer of Saosin and is currently in the band Circa Survive.
Great song writer and REALLY great singer whose voice can from screams to high notes in a FLASH! His voice can move a crowd.

Also, famous for his performances, because he dances on stage and moves his body freely.
Wow i saw anthony green and his dancing and voice gave me an orgasm.
by Victor November 18, 2004
a demi-god here on earth
Damn look at his auraaaa
by The kool guy April 12, 2005
The most god-like creation known to man, with his unearthly vocals, and soul splitting lyrics; Anthony Green is by far one of the best things you could ever lay eyes on. It is strongly suggested by many physicians that you see at least one of his many performances in your lifetime. Especially if you happen to be 15.
This man, Anthony Green changed my soul from the inside out. Best fucking showever. It is also suggested you check out Andrew Esao's work; a young and very talented artist.
by Corn(: April 08, 2010
Anthony Green, mostly known as the ex-singer of saosin, is praised by many fools such as those on the Saosin Board who follow every move he makes. One thing about a side project and 30 minutes later, half the board knows about it.
d00d! lyke anthony green's got a new side project!

by hello! November 30, 2004

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