Before the flood
The period in the bible before the great flood or a fancy insult for the elderly.
Noa was born in the Antediluvian period

Your grandma is so old she's Antediluvian.
by Ronin X64 October 15, 2009
Top Definition
Pertaining to the period of time before the catastrophic eruption of Thea, about 1600-1500 BCE, the resultant tsunamis of which are believed to have caused the downfall of the Minoan civilization. This event is thought by many to be the basis of Plato's story of Atlantis. The word literally means "before the flood." From the Latin ante (before) + diluvium (flood).
In antediluvian times it was Minoan culture that dominated the islands of the Aegean.
by maximo hudson December 07, 2010
before Noah's ark; the period before the flood; really really old
They argued that their equipment was antediluvian and needed replacement.
by awesome chick12345678909876543 December 01, 2011
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