in armenian; sweet. could be girl or guys name.

in persian; immortal. only girls name.
anoush: hi i'm anoush

jon: hey ur armenian right? it means sweet.

anoush: i'm not armenian. i'm persian. in persian it means immortal. and thats way more rad than "sweet."
by xlalalaxx January 17, 2010
Top Definition
means sweet in armenian, could be a form of candy, could be a depiction of a sweet and adorable person. A person with whole lot of sweetness and kindness. Sweet disposition.
Oh God, that's so anoush, my teeth hurt.
by SunnyStormy09 June 09, 2009
An Armenian word meaning : sweet
Its also the name of a jam.
Also used as a name usually for Armenians

Anoush is da bombest name ever!!!

by the way
FUCK turks der nasty smellin donkeys with no lifes

Anoush is the best person in the world.
by Anoush July 15, 2008
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