British term for a hooded jacket, usually of weatherproofed material; much like the American term "slicker."
Cecil put on his anorak before going out in the rain.
by joe b May 25, 2006
(In the UK) A fan of pirate radio, especially offshore pirate radio.

So called because, while visiting the pirate radio ships, they were known for wearing anorak coats due to the cold and windy climate of the North Sea.
That guy's radio's always tuned to some pirate radio station or other. Even used to visit Laser 558 and Radio Caroline when they were on the North Sea.

Yeah, he always was an anorak.
by Richard Force Twelve Gale January 15, 2010
A Marillion fan, usually obsessed with their entire discography. May or may not be registered on their official website.
Walter is a true anorak.
by Sorgie May 26, 2008
sad person who keeps on talking about sumthing boring untill the people in the convosation wanna string him up
'this anorak kept on about how he saw a plane fly over his house so much'
by jake coles March 16, 2003

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