n. A persons (male) of Middle Eastern or South Asian descent who shows signs of douchebaggery, misogyny, homophobia, etc. Also extremely prone to stalking or following female persons. It is his sole purpose in life to procreate and repopulate the Ankit race. However, the Ankit releases pheromones that repel all homo sapiens. He is the unrecognized cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs (due to the pheromones he releases).
Don't be such an Ankit.
That Miley Cyrus is an Ankit.
by Tuna The Mini Bear December 14, 2013
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The coolest, grooviest, hoopiest, most fun guy in the world is called "ankit"
Oh, look! There's an ankit!
Eg : Ankit Kishore
by AnkitK April 18, 2007
Common Hindu Name in India, means Conqueror
Damn, what an Ankit!
by Crazidesi October 05, 2007
A really sweet guy who always has a way to make you smile. The sweetest friend of all times.
I and Ankit are like 'besties'!
by Sk8r.Gurl November 28, 2011
ankit means printed with special tools in the manner to be remembered in future.
another meaning - never destroyed,pointed or lined
by fictionfan January 17, 2011
To be an 'Ankit' is to be more perfect than perfect. He is the sweetest guy in existence. Honey is humbled in his presence. A hillarious person, with an 'Ankit' not a single moment will be a bore. He has kneen eyes and a cute laugh. Cute becomes synonymous with an 'Ankit'.He is shy at first but once u break his shell, you are in for the ride of your life.An exceptional lover . And the best, best friend you could ever have.Caring and cute . If you find an 'Ankit' you are the luckiest person alive. He will never let you down.
Girl 1:He is soo sweet. When I talk to him to him I practically melt.
Girl 2: Wow. He must be an Ankit.
by expmonkey April 10, 2014

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