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1. a male or female white (caucasion) person that distinctlly resembles an animal

2. a male or female white (caucasion) person that
is overly into animals or has sexual conduct with animals
boy 1- "yo, stefan, you know that stanky bitch britney down the way? she is such an animal cracker, man! i can't believe that animal cracker got you to fuck her!"

boy 2- "man shut up! you fingered that bitch ass animal cracker, too!"

boy 1- "but my dick didn't touch the insides of her animal cracker pussy"

boy 2- "you fucking shut up! you ate her out!"

(just an everday conversation with my friends)
by nic NAkk June 03, 2006
30 22
A euphemism used when "I don't know" or any other related phrase is not deemed the appropriate response to a question or witty phrase.

Also used to avoid answering potentially life-threatening questions while speaking with friends, lovers, or ex-wives.
A: Are you sure you're going to remember to bring me back my Playboy mag by next Tuesday?

B: Animal crackers.
by Storb June 12, 2010
25 5
The act of pulling out an animal cracker at random, assuming the position of chosen animal, and allowing your significant other to go to town on you.
I love playing animal crackers, the giraffe gets me off every time.
by Aeolous April 14, 2011
4 3
A Albany NY Based Hip Hop Artist

The Animal Cracker Is A Disgusting Artist.

by Animal Cracker February 22, 2008
4 5
He Is A Albany, NY Based Hip Hop Artist

The Animal Cracker Is A Violent Artist.
The Animal Cracker Makes Agressive Music.

by hiphop February 22, 2008
3 5
da best gamecon team ever joined!!was the animal crackers i know they lost this year now the half breed tataga will frikin own you that you will be crying like a litle pussy! haha lol
the animal crackers won 1st place suckers!!
by Kobee January 06, 2008
10 33