1. (Girl) Used to describe a social mis-fit who's anti-social behaviour usually leads to confrontation and drama. Is also very petty and displays a strong affection for pickles.

2. Used to describe a klutz or a person who is constantly rejected in on-line chatrooms/MMORPGs.
1. person1: Yesterday my girl roommate yelled at me for no apparent reason, then ran off with my jar of pickles.
person2: Wow, what an Anh.

2. A person who has just been blocked on MSN by friends and stumbles down the staircase into her sisters slumberparty.
"AHAHAHA Ohhh Anh!!!"
by Evan Tanner August 06, 2007
Top Definition
1)A vietnamese unisex name.
2)Vietnamese translation: "Older brother" in litteral terms.
1)Whaddup Anh!
2)Anh oi!
by Mr. Nguyen December 11, 2005
(Girl) A pretty* vietnamese who likes to have fun, but can do it in a very sophisticated and chic manner.
1. She parties like a rock star, maybe she's (Anh).
by Dirtygirll August 13, 2008
seen to be a sexual God,who knows his way around the ladies and his way in bed
1. That Anh knows his way around
by igreen January 06, 2009
Artificial Nutrition and Hydration. A medical term, referring to the giving of food and fluids a by other means than eating and drinking, such as via a nasogastric tube (through the nose) or via a tube in the stomach such as a PEG or RIG tube. Fluids could be given this way or intravenously or subcutaneously.
This patient is dying but theyhave stated previously they wish us to continue ANH
by gregorbach April 02, 2015
1. an irresistable, sexy ninja.

2. one who becomes obsessed with hairy, brace-faced people at first sight.

3. to be fun sized and/or vertically challenged.

4. a bearded girl on runescape who in fact DOES have hips (contrary to popular belief).
1. daaaaaaayuuuuum....that anh is sooo sextacular with her pointy shurikens!

2. omg, there goes bernardo! anh must be around.

3. dang dat bitch is a shawty!! what an anh.

4. what?! anh shaved her MMORPG beard and only has sideburns now?? oh well... my mom says she only wears a size two cause she has a boyish figure.
by twitchy & throwup. January 27, 2009
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