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A euphemism for a girls period. "Angry pants time" is the time when a girl is usually more irritable than others and has a tendency to be "angry" often.
#1: Man, Carly's being a real bitch lately.
#2: Yeah, she has, must be angry pants time.
by Jesse Brown October 18, 2005
Describes an emotion and/or attitude felt by everyday fustrations.
Do you have your Angrypants on today?

Baby dont be Angrypants with me!

by Peaches Galore February 23, 2009
A pair of pants that are horribly uncomfortable to the point where anyone wearing them is grumpy for the rest of the day. Angry pants can only affect certain people.
Sorry I yelled at you, I'm wearing my angry pants.
by Fuzzbun June 29, 2013
A girl who is involved in art, friends and their well being. She sometimes considers alternate dating methods. She should not.
Yo sawn, we ridin to the gallor-E on 18th? Yeah sawn, the Angry Pants is there sawn.
by Granta Claus December 07, 2008
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