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Have your woman do a hand stand, and pour packets of Pop Rocks into her vagina. Once popping commences have her get on her knees and elbows, with her hands out in front, so she is relaxing as an ocelot would. Screw her until the Pop Rocks have stopped popping. At this point add more Pop Rocks to either her vagina or mouth and screw her or get head. It may be hard to to find a vagina with particularly large women, so it is advised to roll them in flour. You can assume that the flour will stick to any moisture, so this may help to locate the vagina. If this does not work, looking for pubes would be the next logical step. Based on the fact that large women can not see their vagina's, it would be impossible for them to shave down there. This tip may also help you find your point of entry. When all else fails, poke your dick around until it feels good.
Do not mess with the angry ocelot.
by doubleO July 15, 2010
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