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When a man pulls his pants down and presses his junk against a window( preferably a floor to ceiling window, sans muntin. The penis resembles the trunk, whilst the thighs on either side give the appearance of two large ears.
I did the angry elephant to your mom and she was filled with lust and fear...
by captain weenis May 11, 2009
In order to give the Angry Elephant, you must understand the concept of the "Penis Showing Game" from the movie Waiting. To pull off the angry elephant, pull your scrotum back up against your shaft, locking the shaft into a vertical position (the elephants trunk). Then push down on both sides of the "trunk" to give the elephant his "ears". Thus the Angry Elephant is born. You must tell who ever looked at the exposure how gay they are and then give them 4 kicks in the ass.
I was so excited when i got the whole room to look at my angry elephant. I got to call them all gay and kick each of their asses individually.
by Jeff Lencioni June 07, 2006

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