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food that is so delicious, you get angry just thinking about it and how you don't have any.
those fries that are on sale on Thursdays are angry delicious...too bad it is Tuesday so i can't get any.
#delicious #good #tasty #yummy #mouthwatering #scrumptious #succulent #appetizing
by Hungry92 March 18, 2009
Adjective primarily used to describe a food that is so delicious, it makes you pissed off just thinking about how good it is. Most effective when used in a loud and obnoxious tone.
Guy: Damn! I just had the most Angry Delicious fries at lunch today!

Girl: Whoooaaa. Calm yourself, now.
#crazy delicious #bitchin' #scrumptious #tongasm #ramen noodles
by Angry Delish October 04, 2008
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