Angel is a six year olod (seven year old in book 5) winged girl in the Maximum Ride seriess. Angel is shown to be sweet in the first few books, but around the time of the fourth book she starts being obnoxious, rude, challenging, and over all a pain in the butt. Angel has "hit he genetic jackpot". she can read minds, influence her will onto others, breathe underwater, talk to fish, has a Voice in her head (don't ask), and can change her appearance. Angel has changed from "My Angel" to "a sinister little mind-reading shirley temple". Angel also is very adult, despite being the youngest of the flock, and often challenges Max for leadership, which was temporarily granted in book 6: FANG. she later loses her leadership to Max again, and continues living with the flock.
Telepath? oh, a gues they meant Angel. Well, Telepath is better than "Creepy little mind-reading kid." - Maximum Ride
by bambimustdie March 30, 2010
1. The girl who make every one crack a smile as she enters

2. A girl who loves even when the person won't love back

3. The girl who is willing to take a bullet for a friend

4 the girl one girl who will cry with her friend to make them feel better
That girl is Angel.
by Kawaii_girl_named_pink February 20, 2015
Angel is funny and athletic. Angel is a guy you would laugh with all day. Girls go crazy for an angel. Angel will always be loyal to his girl. Angel would do anything for his girl he would not leave leave his phone for her. Angel is super cute.
Girl: I'm sad
Angel: why?
Gurl :ive had the worst day
Angel: don't be sad when your sad a piece in my heart dies, you have the best smile
by engel October 30, 2014
Someone with nice brown eyes, athletic, amazing and such a good friend. Buff, gotta nice figure, takes the best selfies,
Who's that girl with brown eyes
It's properly Angel
by yourrbaee October 26, 2014
1. messenger from Heaven
2. a kind, loving person
3. Natural, childlike beauty
4. ethereal disposition
my best friend is an angel
by Why hello there, fandom October 19, 2014
Celestial spirits who live with and serve God in Heaven. They are luminous as well as human-like in appearance and possess two large feathered wings on their backs and halos of light around their heads. They are large, loud, and powerful. Immortal and superior to humans in both power and intelligence.

They were created by God to serve as his attendants as well as to bring wisdom, warnings, and messages to mankind. At times, however, angels also serve as enforcers and soldiers of God's will and law.
Angels can be found in many of the world's religion]s.
by Cainman September 09, 2013
(Adj, noun) - The reason god had to create the world from scratch, he is super strong, and has very big muscles. Men with the name of Angel are also the reason that Greek gods no longer exist, because they kicked all of their asses. He can bench press 6,000 whales with just his pinky. He has the capability of making the impossible commonly possible. His looks are so great and godly, he is able to pursue whatever he desires. His strength is harnessed from the harshest elements of the earth, and he has managed to become KOOL without being known. Men with the name Angel are not god; but rather a splendid, inhuman being sculpted from only the greatness of many great things. His name must be addressed with fucking in it, because his name is too amazing for mere mortals.
Noun: Wow, look at that super strong and kool angel!

Adjective: Wow, that was so totally angel
by rufus123454321 June 28, 2011

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