1. A person that is fun-loving, athletic, high status in school and just a very cool kid that is sometimes a player, without meaning to be. He can be those kids who is popular that smokes and drinks. But once you know him he's more than you bargained for. Handsome, and everyone calls him an Angel. He even says it.

2. Angel as a girl name can be misleading cuz all the girls i know named that way are in no way an Angel like the boy angel i know. They are the kids who don't care what's happening in the world and lay back and let lower folk or nerds handle the jobs. But there are some female Angel's out there that are kid, generous, giving, and thoughtful. But not everyone is perfect.

3. Something from the Bible. Believe in it or not. I don't care. Described with a halo and white, bird-like wings.
1. Girl A: Angel is over their and eyeing me.

Girl B: yeah. He's so handsome though!

Girl C: But he's a player.

Girl A: yeah, but even a player can fall in love. :)

2. You go up and see someone who you love but cannot say the words to because they have unlimited personalities. And they change upon the day. That's a female Angel.

3. There is an angel now, with it's white wings and halo. (i couldn't think of anything else? o-O)
by FlashPikachu February 28, 2012
extremely cute
amazingly awesome
beautiful af
wow shes so Angel
Angel is extremely Angel
by Shootingmaniac January 21, 2016
Angel is funny and athletic. Angel is a guy you would laugh with all day. Girls go crazy for an angel. Angel will always be loyal to his girl. Angel would do anything for his girl he would not leave leave his phone for her. Angel is super cute.
Girl: I'm sad
Angel: why?
Gurl :ive had the worst day
Angel: don't be sad when your sad a piece in my heart dies, you have the best smile
by engel October 30, 2014
Angel is funny and strong. Angel is a person youll laugh with all day. Angel is a love magnet he can get girls quick. Angel is caring for his girl and would leave anything for her.
Girl: I'm sad.
Angel: why?
Girl: I've had the worst day.
Angel: it'll get better don't worry your the most precious thing ever every time your sad a piece in my heart dies.
Girl: thanks you always cheer me up.
by engel October 29, 2014
The coolest most smartest, mathematician the world has ever seen. Usually has a beard of a roman god. He is kind, gentle, loving and family oriented
Angel Martinez
by haha2876256 August 19, 2012
Angel is a six year olod (seven year old in book 5) winged girl in the Maximum Ride seriess. Angel is shown to be sweet in the first few books, but around the time of the fourth book she starts being obnoxious, rude, challenging, and over all a pain in the butt. Angel has "hit he genetic jackpot". she can read minds, influence her will onto others, breathe underwater, talk to fish, has a Voice in her head (don't ask), and can change her appearance. Angel has changed from "My Angel" to "a sinister little mind-reading shirley temple". Angel also is very adult, despite being the youngest of the flock, and often challenges Max for leadership, which was temporarily granted in book 6: FANG. she later loses her leadership to Max again, and continues living with the flock.
Telepath? oh, a gues they meant Angel. Well, Telepath is better than "Creepy little mind-reading kid." - Maximum Ride
by bambimustdie March 30, 2010
A person who will love and trust but will backstab you
Dont be fooled by his/ her name they are pure evil and will destroy you. People with these names tend to be sad, depressed,bad,but also smart,cunning,charming
But dont underestemate them they are evil
Zack: hey I have a crush on angel

Jack: don't trust him hes evil

Zack: no he's not

Angel: does something evil

Zack: he broke my heart

Jack: told u he was evil they all are
by Theshadowfigure August 27, 2015

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