(n) When you whip yourself into such a psychotic frenzy that it appears you will have an aneurysm, yet you're taking a perverse, almost sexual pleasure in the rage. It is an almost transcendent state of ferocity that must be seen in person to be appreciated.

Common symptoms of a clinical aneurgasm include:
- a purplish complexion caused by the sudden rush of blood to the head.
- a tensing of the shoulder, neck, and and upper back muscles.
- uncontrollable Ali-like trembling.
- breaking out into a thin cold sweat.
- can appear to be a pre-stroke apoplectic fit, except for the distinguishing feature:
- a massively painful and surprising erection (similar to a shame boner) at the height of rage, often ending in sudden embarrassingly explosive ejaculation.
Kanye West was so enraged by the obscure blogger's slight that he achieved a violent and awe-inspiring aneurgasm.
by the velvet nihilist April 18, 2009
Top Definition
when you orgasm so hard that you blow a blood vessel in your head
he did her so hard that she had a aneurgasm
by dizztizzlewizzle March 05, 2008
When you orgasm so hard that it feels like you're going to bust a brain vessel.
I had an aneurgasm last night with the bosses daughter.
by Horsey269u July 15, 2011
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