Unfortunately, most of the people have been misled with the relation between Gary Coleman and Andy Milonakis. Coleman had a congenital kidney dysfunction which caused an autoimmune regection of the kidney. Stunting Gary's growth giving him a small stature. Andy has a pituitary gland dysfunction, which came out stunting almost all of his growth. Andy Milonakis rose to fame on the internet with his "SuperBowl is Gay" song along with a slew of other songs, mostly freestyle raps. He has his own TV show, which to some veiwers, marks as the start of the downfall of MTV. Others do not agree and claim he is quite humorous. From a critical point of view <my view> He seems mediocre, like most of TV, his humor can only hit to one side of the audience, opposite of me. His humour to me is bland, but I respect the other side, so to them it is good, and their opinions are of signifigant value as well.
Andy Milonakis, congenital problem, Gary Coleman
by bitch-slap contorted-body nomad August 15, 2005
Andy Milonakis is not funny, its what kids and Andy's friends watch when pokemon or gay porn aint on. MTV is getting lamer and lamer.
Hey Andy Milonakis show is on, whatever that show sucks, I'd rather watch family guy, have sex, or jack off.
by whocaresman July 18, 2005
A slang term for fat retards who make lame shit for the internet and end up with a TV show.
I made something retarded on the internet. I got a deal from TV station X for a show. I Andy Milonakised my way to success!
by Paul Jons July 19, 2005
A strange boy who has a show on MTV. He's quirky and childishly cute. You never know what to expect with his show. It's stupid but in an enjoyable way. Definently not for all audiences as some will think it is too stupid.
I personally enjoy the show, but that's just me.
by Sewn Up July 09, 2005
Andy Milonakis is actually a 27 year old man with a growth disorder. Born January 30, 1976, he is not a kid like MTV claims. I dont think he is very funny now. I liked his comedy when I believed he was a kid.
Andy Milonakis' best friend should be Gary Coleman.
by rapfan July 29, 2005
A 29 year old comedian who plays a teenage kid who is an internet phenomenon. He got his own show on MTV (the andy milonakis show) sketched by Jimmy Kimmel. Many like him...many don't...it is a matter of opinion and I quite like the guy.
Andy Milonakis goes poop just like everybody else.
by GlassesMelt July 22, 2005
The ONLY reason I bother to watch MTV. Good for someone with a weird and random sense of humor.
I heard Andy Milonakis is actually 28 YEARS OLD!!!
by New Jersey Devil July 19, 2005
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