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top 100 richest persons under 31 in the UK. The dude who made runescape. Completely rich
That guy andrew gower is so loaded
by Mr. Mojo Monkey April 25, 2006
The creator of runescape.
Probably has no life, But I'm guessing he's made alot of money.
Chris - OMG OMG! I'm gunna see Andrew Gower this weekend! he created Runescape you know!

Andy - Nerd...
by The Koaladude September 29, 2005
The worlds most evil man, for making runescape, which has consumed the lives of many obese teenagers with no lifes what so ever! It is said he is extremely rich.
Andrew: Banned, noob!
by SeanOC January 15, 2007
The man who created a million dollar game, but never passed 3rd grade math.

Has caused the wasting of lives of thousands of teenagers, more than he can count.

Can be used in name calling...
favre - haha that guy thought 45 was lower than 30, he's such an Andrew Gower

by magicninja90 August 02, 2007
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