An awesome super fashionable girl who always starts the latest trends. She is friendly and kind to every one!! She is also super smart! Over all anyone can be friends with andi! P.s she is very loud!
***Jennifer: Ya me and andi just went to the movies last night she is super fun to hang out with!
by Little me March 28, 2013
Someone who is perfectly healthy, but is still under 5 feet tall and over 18 years old. A medical mystery.
A: Dang you're so short!
B: Yeah, but I don't have any health issues.
A: Oh, you must be an Andi.
B: Yeah, cool!
by 2quik4u July 21, 2014
Another word for a large disgusting growth on ones face. One who lacks cleanliness and is noticed by everyone when they walk in to the bar because of how large and massive their ugly face is.
Did anyone notice that girls face, she had andi written all over it

As long as I dont look like andi then my life is complete
by Dougtellecom April 12, 2007
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