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It can mean so what. It is like saying I told you so. It is proving somebody wrong.
My brother: you can't get off that phone in a half an hour. Me: I got off in 10 min. AND WHAT !!!
by Dennis September 28, 2004
A term commonly used after a successful comeback.
Guy "Thats not what your mother said to me last night!"

-Short pause for comeback, if no comeback, you then precede to say...

by Costeenius November 28, 2009
Roughly equates to "so what". Can also mean absolutely nothing, depending on the context.

Context usually found in England, or at least London, is during the build-up to a fight in order to start something.
And what? You startin? And what?
by Someone else March 23, 2005
A filler phrase that's short for "and whatnot," which is/can be used as an ending to a sentence or s statement.

This can also mean and shit, and stuff, and all that shit, etc.
We just coolin' out and what.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant April 29, 2007
Normally used when telling others where you rep/are from
Also is used agressively before fights or to big up where your crew or hometown as if to say
"Yeah im from London, and what are you gonna do about it?"
Person 1: where do you rep then ?
Person 2: London And What!!

Crew 1: (Crew name) An wot!! Brap!!
by Tuley June 10, 2007
A phrase a certain race uses as an excuse for a good comeback.
Me: You're so ghetto, you use extention cords running from your neighbors house to your trailor.
Dumbass: And what?!
by Richy Rich March 03, 2005
Short for 'And what are you going to do about it'
ME: i don't like you
Stupid head: and what?
ME: and ... you better back off before your
nose and your eyes become one of the same
by broder October 19, 2005
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