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Annoying keyword constantly repeated by dumb drive-in staff as well as from annoying Asian fast food take-out restaurant staff to frustrated customers.
You go to an Asian fast food take and ask for the 3 item combo, they ask if you want rice or noodles, you reply rice...then they say 'And then' each time until you finish picking what you want.
by Michael Lauzon April 25, 2005
Annoying keyword constantly repeated by dumb drive-in staff to frustrated customers.
"And then, and then, and then, and then..."
by Flo January 27, 2004
A phrase that comes after an ambigous or thoughtless story.
"I was the best point guard in highschool," said John.

"And then?," said David.
by blazertrail May 11, 2005
Asian fast food drive by catchphrase depicted in Dude Wheres My Car?
Chinese food lady: "And then!"

Jesse: "No and then!"

Chinese food lady: "And then!"
by anomn November 18, 2010
Phrase used when someone has started a story but didn't finish it.
..and then.. what happened?
by PineappleJuice March 28, 2015
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