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a person, usualy a punk or something simalir,whodoes not belive in most of the political leaders and thinks thatwe would be better off with out them
Anarchists arent gonna vote for you for govenor.
by punk4eva July 17, 2003
A good idea, in theory, like socialism, christianity and democracy. However, like those others, it falls down in practice, because it ignores human nature. Human nature is not to be nice to each other, it is to get a big stick, whack the other person over the head and take all his stuff as that is easier than getting your own stuff.
Terence is an anarchist and wears black clothes and big boots so as to not conform to the stereotype of all anarchists wearing black clothes and big boots. We felt obliged to teach him about human nature, so beat 7 bells out of him. Why? Because we can!
by James February 11, 2005
short for Cute chicks.
you can find cute chicks at any anarchist meeting
I love anarchist chicks.
by Sherman February 09, 2005
it means no government
"XXX" was all about the want for anarchy!
by p murda December 13, 2004
A hypocrite. Someone who will most likely vote in his/her lifetime. Someone who believes that government should be abolished, yet will support the party that wishes to enlarge the government the most, simply because that party has no morals. Anarchists are idiots, who don't realize that no government never works, and have no admirable traits, so they wish to inflict pain in everyone else.
An Anarchist shot himself.
by Achped July 12, 2003
One who things that mankind is smart enough to survive on it's own without order or government and how the world will all be strumming guitars and singing Kum Ba Ya, despite the fact that it's a religious song, which is also apposed because it "causes war" even though anarchists are the ones who cause war and hate in the first place, based on the philosophies of some homeless guy too cheap to pay for his freedom.
Anarchism doesn't work. Only the theory of nihilism does.
by DexterSR300DX March 29, 2003
One who follows the well-thought-out philosophy of drawing the letter A with a circle around it on traffic signs, getting all your political information from punk rock songs, and moaning about your conformist parents who won't let you go skateboarding until you've done the dishes. They like, totally don't understand you man because they're just cogs in the corporate machine and you're so original and against conformity with your trucker hat, studded belt and ripped girl's jeans. I bet they just believe everything they hear on Fox News. They should listen to more NOFX instead. Fuck you, Dad!

Oh yeah, property is theft and as long as there are employers we will never be free. Down with capitalism....and stuff.

Yeah, man. You're deep. Rage on.
You'd be hard pressed to find an Anarchist older than 18 now a days.

The Anarchist was dumbfounded when his teacher told him that she wanted more credible sources of information than Dropkick Murphys and Bad Religion lyrics for his term paper explaining his philosophy.
by Wally Wallies December 25, 2004