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To fart; the diction of friction caused by a passage of foul air through vibrating buttocks.

2. noun. A passage of said arse-speak; German rhetoric; a bottom burp; beef; poot; air biscuit; under thunder.
by Martin Duxon August 08, 2003
Involves a 5 storey chocolate fondu fountain!!. Ppl have marshmellows, fruit etc, is lovely, but then Henry makes the revelation of the century!
An example of an Anal Announcement:
"wait a minute, *looks at heart chocolates on the table*, omg, this is it, why not have, *holds heart chocolate*, chocolate, DIPPED, in MORE CHOCOLATE!
*he races over to the fondu, and stands there dipping away for a gd 5 mins*...oh wait we're all QUEER!!"
by LAhappyguy November 21, 2006