having excessively rough and raw-dog anal sex in an apartment/hotel

before the male finishes, he sicks is bare bottom out the window, and his partner gives him a blumpkin, and the fecal matter proceeds to fall down to earth.

then he throws his partner out the window and into the poop
bro 1: bro, where's your bitch?
bro 2: bro, she's in the hospital, bro!
bro 1: bro!, is your bitch okay?
bro 2: nah, bro, my bitch got 10 broken bones and a coma
bro 1: bro, what happened?
bro 2: we rented a room on the top floor, and we pulled an african horsefly.
bro 1: nice.
bro 2: nice.
by most amazing pseudonym ever!!! November 08, 2009
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