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An aroused state of uncontrollable excitement and happiness.
"It is mega hot outside. I am amp'd to go to the beach today."

"I'm so amp'd for Justin Timberlake's new cd to come out!"
by Elizabeth Maxson October 02, 2006
Breaching the triforce of orifices in one session, preferably on the first date:

steven: So how'd your date go with that grill?
pornmaster: Well it was pretty expensive but I got amp'd. =D
steven: nice.
by 36Chambers May 13, 2007
Feeling Stoked, and or hyped up for something.
Steve: Man am I ever amp'd for this concert!

Mark: Me to! I can't wait for the after party!
Figure 2

Joe: Can't wait for this fight on HBO, I'm super hyped!

Carl: do you mean that your amp'd?

Joe: Yep, I'm super stoked!
by Johnny Davison January 21, 2010