Boundless, Limitless.

Also known as Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds.
Have you seen the Amit documentary in history?

You mean the one about Shiva?
by deerpark567 November 26, 2011
Top Definition
Extremely good looking man. Super attractive. Very well endowded and amazingly talented in bed.
I hooked up with this guy last night he is soooo Amit, I cant wait to hook up with him again!!
by hornychick August 21, 2006
Short slang for "I am it"; being the "one"; one who is supernatural, possess a "sixth sense"; able to read people; Center of attention
Ex 1: My boyfriend is amit, he feels me.

Ex 2: She believes in the amit.

by 2in2u August 22, 2006
This word Describes how your feeling, when your feeling good.
"How are you today"

"Im amit thanks"
by thedemon666 March 27, 2007
Someone who basically uses their power against you in anyway possible. Although, she is absolutely gorgeous and everybody wants to get to know her. But once you do, there's no going back. She will ruin your life in beautiful ways and give you something you don't want to remember, but you'll be thankful she walked into your life before she tried to destroy you.
Ugh, I can't believe I trusted her. She is SUCH an Amit!
by Amit:) April 28, 2015
When your computers being gay, its called an amit.
Guy : DUDE , my computers not working
Dude: its being an amit.
by oogaleeboogalee July 16, 2010
Fat, stupid, horny, gay.
"Dude, Josh Shapiro is so amit!"
by sdfasd May 08, 2006
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