Internet jargon used by people asking rhetorical questions to which the reader can clearly understand the answer to. commonly used by a writer which is also meant to imply a certain level of smartassery.Commonly used in comment sections to which the writer is responding to a comment created by another person employing the same level of smartassery.
Example: "The sky is always blue, and so are your balls, amirite? "
by Stormekeepr March 14, 2015
A phrase used by people who invariably are completely wrong, and usually douchebags, begging for affirmation of their retarded opinion or joke.
Chris Brown would never beat a woman. He's dreamy. AMIRITE?
by DimThexter May 15, 2013
Often used in leetspeak and used to indicate an insult or sarcasm.
<ZeroCool> lol ur a stupid fgt am i rite?
by Blade Leader October 22, 2004
(am-uh-rit); noun: A bluish green semiprecious stone found predominately along the coasts of Khazekstan said to give it's holder complete mental clarity and the ability to think you are correct, all the time...
"Shane has been holding onto a little blue rock all day, claiming he is "more awesome than anyone!", so I guess he's discovered Amirite."

"I have the ultimate stone Amirite, and now I better then everyone else in the universe, amirite?"
by LuzObscuridad April 08, 2008
Am I right?
Hay guys, taht is so cool amirite lol!
by sparklemaster February 24, 2004

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