1. Something that is extremely out of place or doesnt belong there.

2. Someone who doesn't belong where they insist on being or is making a statement by being there.

3. Someone or thing brave and outspoken and some one or thing who stands his/her/its ground.
Having ham in a cheese shop is very ambiscuous.
by ...Luna April 15, 2009
Top Definition
Being sexually ambiguous and promiscuous, characterized by switching from gender to gender very quickly. Different from bi-sexual because the ambisucous person will publicly assert that they are first gay, then straight, then gay, and so on.
Person 1 : Katherine hooked up with five girls last night!
Person 2: But she hooked up with that guy on Monday...
Person 1 : Katherine's ambiscuous, remember?
by wassupfifi July 10, 2009
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