Top Definition
when something is not just WOW

but amazingly WOW!


Mizz Nerd 8-| says:
buuh theeree'sz no suchh tingg as amazingly wow babee
мzz’ т ιι и α α∂υяяя™♡ says
there is now babe !
         Mizz Nerd 8-| says:
*WOWW... amazingly wow!*
*Youu Made up a word !
         Mizz Nerd 8-| says:
*anndd put it in the dictionary

мzz’ т ιι и α α∂υяяя™♡ says
*YES YES urban here i come !
Tina: What Is Good My Friend. Where are you Currently?

Charlotte: Hey Dude. I am Studying for My Examinations

Tina: I Also Do such the Same

Charlotte: This physically is inspiring and AMAZINGLY WOW !

Tina: I am currently feeling this lively vibe

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