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amari-godamn that bitch is fine. ha she is one smart girl that chooses to rebel every once in a while. a great friend and doesnt take shit from anyone. falling inlove is her weakness and being loved back is her desire, but it takes a while for her to fall inlove, so unless ur willing to wait and go on an emotional, but fun rollercoaster, don't play with her heart. strong intelligent sexy kind and incredibly gifted between the sheets. great kisser and a personality that will have you thinking, "shes amazing". dont betray her trust because it is hard for her to trust you in the first place. family means the world to her although there are some rough patches between them. friends are what keep her hopes up in her times of need, and if you wanna have her in your life, keep it real. fake people are easily targeted by amari and she will rock you if you pull the wrong string. she is strongbut when it comes to love she weakends at the thought of losing it. amari is incredible, so remember that next time you meet a amari.
boy: baby i love you.
amari: dont say it if you dont mean it. dont play with my heart.
boy: baby im not , i really do love you.

Friend: that bitch said ******
amari: Lets fuck her up.
by amari-beautiful October 09, 2011
203 51
A beautiful girl that is very unique. She loves to smile and laugh, and loves to make other people smile and laugh as well. Her eyes are what make you melt.
I want to be an Amari.
by thedictionarygirl February 04, 2010
312 79
a misspelling of words such as: amazing, perfect, funny, hilarious, cute, pretty, beautiful, sexy, fine, ravishing, dashing, gorgeous, etc.
oh man, she is sooo amaris! i would tap that man!
by Whoa man its ME August 30, 2008
210 88
Someone shaped like coke bottle and is helllla sexy.
Amari, coke bottle
by moomar100 September 15, 2008
166 74
a unique girl. who is preety chilll and loves to laugh
jackie- hey amarii guess what?



amari- lmao !!!!!!!

jackie-your such a amari ! (:
by kizzkizz123 July 14, 2009
128 52

1. A beautiful girl inside and out. 2. If she's not black, then she must be either Latina or some kind of Pacific Islander. 3. A dedicated and loyal lover. 4. Either short and fat or tall and skinny. 5. A caring and genuine friend. 6. Loves to eat and will try almost anything.
brian: daammmnn, look at that girl eat!
eddie: holy shit! I bet her name is Amaris!
by Whoa man itzdat GUY January 26, 2011
111 49
amaris a girl that's beautiful brown and luscious she is kind loving and has a big ass booty she is very attractive physically and intellectually. she is so sexy that you will be grateful to have her as a friend. she is definitely a twerker and can shake it more than you think.she is usually short and can improve your day.she is a loyal and faithful friend and hates to be betrayed . she has a big heart and a christian.
isaiah:dang i think i fell in love with her .shes so amaris i need to cuff that!
drake: yeah bruh cuff her now ! unless i will!
by i love amaris April 18, 2013
42 10