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Usually a name given to an awesome person! A person that is cool with you being yourself and will never insult you for it..even when you can be wack! They love to laugh and can make just about a new inside joke all the time. A person you shouldn't take advantage of. A person you can talk to about anything and won't tell people behind your back or talk smack. You can even come up with a crazy handshake with her! Basically a girl like this is just perfect to hang out with. :) CHEA BOI!
bob: dude she is so damn awesome.
billy: who amandy? That's not a surprise we laugh our asses off in english all the time.
bob: ditto. :)
by Stoner96 April 27, 2009
-A person who is over the top or being completely ridiculous
-Someone who has pushed you over the edge and become quite a problem
1."Wow she just stole my seat, what A Mandy":
2. Hey look at that girl wearing a teal puffy jacket what A Mandy
3. "Would you like to go on a date with me to Wendy's" Fuck no you are such A Mandy
by Shawn7418 December 24, 2014
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