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Hipster girl who's "tumblr famous" and thinks she's too good for everybody. Pretty much everyone who likes her only does because they think she's pretty.
You: Omg Aly Antorcha is so pretty!
Me: Ugh she's so obnoxious.. plus her hair going to fall out from all that hair dye.
by lolgasm145 September 16, 2011
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Another of these "tumblr famous" people who are known only for their blog. Has many opinions and views but they are mostly invalid as she doesn't know what she's talking about half of the time. Is bitchy and obnoxious. Has cotton-candy coloured hair and views everyone with "normal" hair colour as inferior. Is hated in both Arlington and Washington because of her ignorance and bitchiness. Thinks she's cute as she has an albino rabbit.
Someone: OMG did you see the hate that Aly Antorcha got?
Me: I'm not surprised seeing as she treats everyone like dog shit.
by GonnaBeViewedAsAHater March 20, 2012
A hipster who is quite known on tumblr for her excellent photography as well as her hair. she gets a lot of hate yet she has many fans. she hates her whole highschool, but i dont blame her...
anyway, yeah she's a pretty chill person and i adore her.
Me: Omg did you see the new post on Aly Antorcha's tumblr?
You: Yeah! wow she's so amazing.
by lolfreefries April 10, 2011
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