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The alter emo is the freedom to express your emotions without restorting to depressive ways of the EMO kid.
The alter emo is a mix of goth, punk, & skate...minus the negativity surrounding the aforementioned styles. The alter emo wears designer clothes & accessories. In addition to the black they are fearless when adding colour;on hair, nails, clothing, etc. THe alter emo is typically contemporary & fashion forward with respect to the traditional emo look of heavy eyeliner, tight clothing & studded belts. Generally the alter emo protrays the emo look but has a less depressing attitude towards life, family & friends. They arent old school like many have been made to believe. They use blogs not diaries. They own the lastest tech toys & enjoy retro & modern music alike. the alter emo is not strictly vegan nor suicidal.
The alter emo doesnt lose credibility for actually having money, living in a suburban area, living with parents & for being straight edge.
xxkill.h.erxx:"what do you think of the new chick"
nercomant!c:"the black & green dreadlocks are sweet"
xxkill.h.erxx:" but did you see her wrists?"
xxkill.h.erxx:"she sucks at suicide"
nercomant!c:"no she's just being emo."
xxkill.h.erxx:" alter emo's dont do that."
by LUSIA July 12, 2006
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