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A respectable co-ed professional chemistry fraternity. While many fraternities are hell-bent on drugs and alcohol, the brothers of Alpha chi sigma are truly dedicated to academics. There are many professors and Nobel Laureates who are brothers.
frat boy: I'm gonna get laid tonight at the party. What are you doing?
alpha chi sigma brother: Studying for my o-chem final and finishing up my research. You know, gotta get into med school.
by Laura5216987 March 13, 2008
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academic co-ed "fraternity" for chemistry majors or those with a high interest in chemistry.

They are not, in fact, a true fraternity; instead, it is a chemistry special interest club full of wanna be Greeks.
Girl says: "I'm a brother of Alpha Chi Sigma."
member of real Greek organization says: "First, you'd be a sister. Second, ok, so your in a large study group for chemistry."
by skiierguy5 April 18, 2011
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A chemistry-profession fraternity founded at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Many Nobel Laurates and other famous scientists have been bred from this fraternity, including Linus Pauling, and Glen Seaborg.

Contrary to those who claim Alpha Chi Sigma is wanna-be frat, it truly is a frat, albeit a more academic driven one. It was made coeducational in 1969. This hotly debated topic was unanimously agreed upon after the University of Michigan swim team walked through the halls during the break. Female members are called "brothers"

Chapters of Axe can range from notoriously hard partying (alpha chapter), to very academic, to a mix of the two. Their colors are Chrome Yellow and Prussian Blue, and the flower is the red carnation.

Actives often refer to themselves as AXE (if no chapters of Alpha Chi Epsilon are present), but nationals does not appreciate this
"You're in a frat? You're a girl!"
"Alpha Chi Sigma is coed, and since I'm a chemist, its a good idea."
by daCheminist April 19, 2017
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