A historic Panhellenic sorority, including famous AKAs, Maya Angelou. AKAs can usually be intelligent, goal-oriented, poise and talented young women, mainly of color. Unfortunately, there are too many AKAs that are phony, bitchy, self-absorbed, connected to multi-million dollar companies which guarantees them a seven-figure salary after Undergrad when there are people who are not apart of Greek organizations who have to work twice as hard just because they are not associated with a fucking greek. Very fair, eh? And not to forget, many AKAs are very beautiful on the outside but possess the seven-headed beast within their rotten little souls.
All the Alpha Kappa Alphas I met are greedy, egomaniacal bitches who need to be stabbed repeatedly and strangled with a donkey chain (But this does not mean every AKA just a lot of them). They are so into their damn sorority to the point if you don't pledge sororities, then they think you are socially inept. Women like them need to die and leave the world to the more modest, individualistic women.
by twistedbabydoll July 06, 2007
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