The largest and fastest-growing Asian-interest sorority in the country, alpha Kappa Delta Phi was founded in 1989 at the University of California, Berkeley and today has 43 chapters and thousands of sisters from coast to coast. The purpose of the sorority is to promote sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, and Asian-awareness, and the national philanthropy is breast cancer awareness. It's commonly referred to as aKDPhi (or KDPhi for short).
The most beautiful and sexy Asian sorority girls you'll ever see are in alpha Kappa Delta Phi. You know a KDPhi has stepped into the room when the temperature rises and the jaws drop!
by #182 August 15, 2006
Top Definition
alpha Kappa Delta Phi was founded at the University of California, Berkeley in 1990; since then, it has grown to become the first and largest nationwide Asian-American interest sorority in the United States, with more than 2,000 sisters and 43 chapters (and growing!) from coast to coast.

alpha Kappa Delta Phi was founded upon the principles of sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, and Asian American awareness and with the intention of creating a strong support network for ALL women. We strive to uphold these values while maintaining a sense of individuality amongst our diverse group of women. Throughout the year, the sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi continually organize and participate in events in honor of these values. With a supportive network of sisters, each woman can strive to fulfill her personal, academic, and career goals.
i love being a sister of alpha Kappa Delta Phi
by asian babydoll September 28, 2006
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