An Allyson is a sweet girl who isn't afraid to fight for something she believes in. A TRUE Allyson has brown hair, blue eyes, and a pale complexion. Some of the qualities of an Allyson include the following:

Awkward in a cute way
Jake: Did you see that girl at that party last night?

Justin: Totally, she was a total Allyson!
Jake: I'd love to bang THAT girl.
by MagicTree July 05, 2013
Top Definition
do you know how to spell genious and sexy? here's how!

man i was so ALLYSON today in class!
by Majico February 06, 2006
A girl who is unusually attractive and adores physical attention, yet seeks a deep love.
A perfect catch and what some would call a keeper
Jon: Jeez man I didn't know you were so serious about her
Tom: Yeah, she's such an Allyson
by Darry Sameth Woadmes September 26, 2009
Someone who is Smart, Beautiful, Kind, and Amazing; to be amazing
She is soo Allyson!
by Bran9 May 04, 2010

A person that is always smiling, no matter how hard of a time they are going through. A person who can brighten up a room by just walking in to it, and enchant a room by their smile. A person that can make you stop in your tracks as they stare at you, there eyes so magical from just a random stare. A person that likes kit kats and roses. A person that when you get to talk to them you get butterflies floating around. Someone that is so Attractive words can not describe them. A person that dislikes sexy but loves pretty. Someone that asks if they look alright but you already know they are the prettiest person in the world.

When an Allyson Sighting happens, you should say one of the following;

I love your smile and the way you make me smile.

I love the way you walk, talk and laugh.

You just make me feel so good.

I will call you honey, darling, sweetheart...

You are the best, you are amazing!

I can’t get enough of you...
You drive me wild!

You keep my spirits so high

You have a wonderful sense of humour, you are so funny...

I love the way you brighten up a room...

I don’t know what I would do without you in my life

You just made my day
I wish my girlfriend was an Allyson
by <3 Allyson November 14, 2011
total bitch that ruined pats life
Pat used to go to parties with us, until allyson.

Pat used to have his balls between his legs but not allyson keeps them in her purse
by Marco Yolo Doe December 26, 2013
A girl who you may find crushing on you, but only if you are also of the female gender. She has lesbian tendinces, and wishes she could see you in the bareness of woman.
That girl is tottally going allyson on you right now, can't you see the way she's staring at your boobs?
by youlovetohateme1234 June 20, 2011

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