The only FDA-approved diet pills sold at GNC. Gives you explosive, uncontrollable diarrhea, therefore, stay fat, its not worth it
Person 1: "Hey, whatever happened to Fat Jen?"

Person 2: "She's trying to get un-fat, so she's been on the toilet since Saturday"

Person 1: "But, it's thursday"

Person 2: "Yeah, I guess she's trying out that new crap called Alli"
by dirtbagerin July 10, 2008
has a huge butt it's like a bubble
Get your self an Alli
by greatinbead101 May 14, 2015
If you're Alli, every day's Halloween, and you're dressed up as the coolest kid in school. The best part is, Alli don't even know she's in costume. Alli's spirit animal is a boss ass cricket. If you spend too much time with her, you might just hear a chirp. Don't touch Alli's neck, she gets weird about that. In fact, if you don't know her well, don't touch her at all. If you do know her, and you're not Tommy, you also can't touch her. Alli is a die hard ENTP, so watch out. If on a dance floor, you might find Alli doing her signature dance move, the rapid arm thrust from her chest. Watch out for Alli's, some day they're gonna rule the world.
"Why are you obsessed with personality types, spirit animals, telling stories, spooning, and vine?"
"Oh, must have spent too much time with Alli."
by kissmyfemaledonkey March 09, 2016
indian drug dealer
dude she's an allis, i wouldn't go there, shes dealing curry powder
by kdotdotdot October 16, 2010
(noun:) One who is untrustworthy of time
You're late for class again. I don't like that Alli inside of you!
by mean dude October 11, 2008
a girl who is PMSy ALLL THE TIME, and gets in a fight with you everyday, then acts all normal when she thinks its over.
omg, shes being such an alli.
alli is so alli
by booper3 June 12, 2009
Back stabbing, evil, stupid, bitch. If you have a man, and he is friends with an Alli, you better hold him close because she will try to steal him with her fake pushed up breasts, and her stupid laugh.
Friend 1: I can't believe Kyle broke up with Madison.. she was such a great girl

Friend 2: Yeah, it's cause he meet Alli and she screwed it up.
by kbllbk August 13, 2011
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