To drown ones existence in alcohol induced good times.

A night of excess spent at 'The Back Alley' (Calgary Alberta).
The Alleyfication of Wednesday night.
by Pauly March 01, 2005
Top Definition
To drown ones existence in alcohol induced good times.
Total alleyfication of the evening
by Pauly March 08, 2005
ALLEYFICATION: it'sdefines a different type of education that is only used at/or around the Back Alley. It means that whatever happens in the Alley, STAYS in the Alley.......but there MUST be a huge quantity of liquor drank or it's not quite 'ALLEYFICATION'.
Whatever Pauly does at the Alley, STAY's at the Alley.
ie:-Kissing ladies (hott or UGLY/fat
or skinny).
-Kissing boyz (always ugly, always
-Pissing your pants/skirt..
-Getting caught with a hooker/
she-man in the ladies washroom.
-Dancing of ANY kind.
and for those of you unfaithful
-'CHEATING'. You should know by now
that you'll get caught everytime.
This includes 'making out'! It's
cheating if you didn't know!?
by Troy Franks March 02, 2005
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