A baby's head isn't hard until at least a few months after birth.

It's soft to keep form killing the mother when being born, but this compresses the head into an elongated form kinda like Kiff from Futurama, but in a fucking human!!!!!!
Its truly one of the most horrifying things you can see as the baby's mother.
alien head baby
by kjun December 02, 2009
Top Definition
(verb)the act of using trickey or deciet to show one of your testicles hanging out of your pants to another person.
Me:Hey Scott, is this the right time -holding watch near zipper with 1 testicle hanging out-
Scott: omfg you gave me alien head
by Popisdead February 07, 2005
used to describe te odd shape of ones head. usually and ovalish, long shape much the same as that of Kiff, from Futurama
Ben you have an alien head
by brenton March 10, 2005
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