Something/someone who is weird or wack.
"I'm not having a good time. This club is alias."

"You need to get some friends. You're alias."
by Girll June 19, 2008
Alias is an adjective to describe a very stealthy situation or someone wearing all black a la the television series.
I can't believe you just stole those cookies; that was so alias.
by Craig Jennifer Buffy Paris Nicole October 23, 2006
A cool show that isn't shown much in the UK. That's why TV DVDs are so great.
Hey. Jennifer Garner is really fit but her jaw is pretty pointy.
by Warm.Ice July 19, 2005
What High Tech Red Necks call themselves when surfin' daNet.
daDebil has more than one alias.
by daDebil March 01, 2004
musical group from the early 1990's who sing that song "More than words can say."
they play that song by alias in that subway commercial
by mikey March 14, 2005

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