A name, usually a cool one, used to get women into your pants. Traditionally chosen by your friends. Usually it's best used to give a chick a name that isn't your own so that she doesn't cyber stalk you.

In some cases, this name can get you into serious trouble. Keep it anyway.
Random skank: my name is Random Skank. It's German. What's your name???
Brad: Whoa! Slow down ho! It's Blakk. Victoria Blakk.
Random Skank: How awesome! I wanna make babies with you!
Brad: *runs away*

Other examples for an alias include but are not limited to: Ted, Bob, and Jill.
by bbking23 March 29, 2010
Something/someone who is weird or wack.
"I'm not having a good time. This club is alias."

"You need to get some friends. You're alias."
by Girll June 19, 2008
A cool show that isn't shown much in the UK. That's why TV DVDs are so great.
Hey. Jennifer Garner is really fit but her jaw is pretty pointy.
by Warm.Ice July 19, 2005
Alias is an adjective to describe a very stealthy situation or someone wearing all black a la the television series.
I can't believe you just stole those cookies; that was so alias.
by Craig Jennifer Buffy Paris Nicole October 23, 2006
musical group from the early 1990's who sing that song "More than words can say."
they play that song by alias in that subway commercial
by mikey March 14, 2005
About his/her business, Very serious at times but loves to joke; Intelligent; Realist; Self-motivated; Loves hard but dismisses those he/she has no use for easily,is a handsome/pretty well-known young lady/young man, is really honest with what he/she believes in without caring what others think,easy to get along with,one of the kindest and caring people you can meet,hate to take risks.
Ryan: Oh he's really funny and serious at the times it need to be done.
Ayden: That must be an Alias.
by 1212JESS April 24, 2015
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