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A big ol' fat fat fatty
Guy 1: shit, I've gained like 50 pounds!
Guy 2: your such an algier
by Mr.Pihb May 08, 2008
a name to describe someone of superior status sexually and socially
Guy: dude, that kid is such an algier. i mean look at those friggin hot ladies!
by Jenna Perez August 29, 2008
a word used to describe a man with a humongous penis
Girl 1: so how was that boy last night?
Girl 2: OMG! he was an algier!
by Don Joses September 09, 2008
another word for a man with a whale penis
Girl: check out that algier in this porno!
Girl: sweet!!!
by Dr. Phib September 03, 2008
another word for a whale sized penis
Jenna: the other day i filmed with this guy who had an algier.
Kayla: God I love algiers...they're so delicious!
by Jason Coole August 29, 2008