1. mispronunciation of the band alexisonfire (alexis on fire.)
Alexisonfire is a kick-ass band
by maxibus April 02, 2005
there an awsome screamo/emo band. dallas greens vocals r so steller
alexis on fire isa the sizzzle
by ashley March 31, 2005
A Canadian band, which is NOT screamo. Their name is usually being argued about. Either being alexis on fire or alex is on fire. But the true pronouncination is al's ex is on fire (the s is being borrowed from all the words that have s in their songs).
Alexisonfire is an ok band.

Unlike what a certain Dan Pruns might say, it's al's ex is on fire.

by Martin Vu February 08, 2008
sweet band with a screamer, pretty sure they're not screamo but whatever sweet guitarists
Canada sucks but Alexisonfire is pretty sweet DOGG
by Big Ol Butthole December 06, 2006
The Band EMOS choose to love
im a stupid emo im gonna listen to alexisonfire and cry my itty bitty emo heart out
by tayter June 21, 2005

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