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another, and much better, way to spell Aaliyah. Also a beautiful baby girl.
Aleah is a beautiful baby girl.
by AmberDawn November 03, 2006
299 137
Extraordinary being; one who's sexy doesn't have to be said but shows through on its own.
There Aleah goes again, wow!
by OneDivine1 November 18, 2010
185 56
The sexiest and prettiest girl alive! Popular, skinny, athletic, smart, kind, and loved by everyone!!! Beautiful.
"I wish I was more Aleah!"
by ginred45 March 29, 2011
167 68
Gorgeous, unique, and a quirky. Has a really nice ass, that people cant keep their eyes off of. She adores almost all her friends and is a total partygirl. She may appear quiet but is always up for a good time. Dudes cant get enough of her when shes around because of exotic beauty and kind disposition. Shes humble enough to know shes not better than anyone but wise enough to know shes different.
"Aleah is so perfect, can i be her."
by Foodforthought November 22, 2013
37 5