A guy who is a little bit annoying but has a huge heart (and dick). He is smart, competitive, and cute. He's not only worldly and cultural, but also good at eating bananas. Loved by most of the populace, he's a whiz at soccer and tech shit. Just call him the W.E.B. Master.
Person A: Do you know Alaz?
Person B: Who doesn't?
by Qqqqq December 06, 2012
Top Definition
abbreviation for ala moana, both the shopping center and beach park in honolulu
eh bu, we stey at alaz
by \m/ brah March 08, 2010
Guy that is hard working and can get you weed and codeine anytime, anywhere.
Also, If you write a big ass skype message he won't read it.

Spcialists have been studying alaz behaviour for some decades now. It is a rare species.
Most humanoids will follow tv, media and government like sheeps, but alaz rare specie will say "fuck society" and get all cash and bitches.
A: Hell yeah that nigha gets me all the drugz and beer yoo
Q: we go chillin in his place later or wut brotha?
A: you bet ya, plus i have to help him hide the bodies
Q: what a real nigha alaz
A: yup
by Celulose September 19, 2015
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