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used to be in the old days a african american hanging from a tree
I hate that negro tyrone at work, lets make a Alabama wind chime out his ass
by Reb Jenkins July 08, 2006
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The grouping of multiple African Americans hung from a large tree in Alabama
After that August lynching, the land owners stood in awe of the newest Alabama Windchime.
by AmericanHistoryX August 23, 2005
A series of Hanging
niggers. derived from the 1920's.
Guy 1: Hey whats with all the niggers hangin from your tree???
Guy 2: I'm makin an alabama windchime.
by TravK October 29, 2009
When you hang 7 niggers from a tree and promptly comment on the greatness of 'Merica
little kid-"Wow! look at those blacks!"
Father-"That's an Alabama Windchime son, just makes you see how great 'Merica is"
by GodBlessMerica June 16, 2011

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