ɔl/ˈtɪər/oʊ {awl/TEER/oh} Adjective. -To be altiro is to be completely high on, and/or in love with, your life. When you are altiro, you are blissfully at one with your friends, your family, your world, your universe; for any reason or no reason at all. It is the highest state of consciousness or being that can be reached. Altiro can only be achieved without the aid of drugs, sex, alcohol or any other mind-altering substance. It is a feeling of ecstasy, empowerment, connection, peace and/or delight. Altiro is also a paradox; even if your life is falling apart you can still be altiro.
Example 1:I went to the grand canyon's north rim with my best friends at 4am and we watched the sunrise from Angel's Landing. It was the most perfect morning ever. I was altiro for hours.

Example 2: I just got laid off yesterday, my girlfriend/boyfriend dumped me last week, and my landlord just gave me an eviction notice, but for some reason I'm altiro and love my life.
by Tangley February 06, 2010
Top Definition
Chilean expresion for "immediately", "right now".
Hazlo al tiro (Do it right now, do it immediately).
by Captain Sparrow September 22, 2007
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