A.K.K. a group created by a few Conservative Americans with the ideal to protect everything that is relevant to Freedom, Liberty, Peace, and Democracy. The A.K.K. (Anti-Kommunist Klan). As to why it's made out to be like that, it's because it looks better that way.
"Hey Tim, you in the AKK?" - Bob
"No." - Tim
"What are you Tim a Commie?" - Bob
"NO!" - Tim
by liveforfreedom February 24, 2010
Top Definition
A word used to describe the sudden discomfort of an awkward/problematic situation.
"Akk, I've just drooled all over my favourite shirt"

"That girl said I was an inch too small, akk!"
by Nick Watts April 16, 2005
Another British (Blackcountry) term for mate.
Alright akk? I didnt see you today down the gym...
by Koski316 April 18, 2005
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